Experience of volunteer Aron

When I first met John*, he came across as being very shy and quiet. I attended an initial meeting where I met with Johnís Probation Officer and we agreed actions and goals for him to take to help aid his rehabilitation and tackle the issues that have led him to commit the crime in the first place.


We deliver a range of rehabilitation services to people who have been sentenced by a court to either custody or community supervision and who are classed as low to medium risk.

Our goal is to reduce reoffending and in so doing, improve people's lives - potential victims as well as the perpetrators of crime. We do this specifically by steering people away from offending.

Our approach to rehabilitation puts the service user at the heart of their own journey to a crime-free life. We call it My Solution Rehabilitation Programme, or MSRP for short, and it permeates everything we do.

It works on the premise that to become crime-free, a person needs to take responsibility for their own actions. For this to happen, a person must first understand what it is that makes them offend and then start to change their thinking about that behaviour. This approach puts the onus on the fact it's 'my problem' and 'my solution' - which sets up the right conditions for rehabilitation to work.