My Solution Rehabilitation Programme

Everything we do is rooted in our approach to rehabilitation – putting the service user at the heart of their own journey to a crime-free life. We call it My Solution Rehabilitation Programme, or MSRP for short.

Our approach works on the premise that to become crime-free, a person needs to understand their reason for offending in the first place and then start to change their thinking about their behaviour. When they can do this, they are ready to take responsibility for making changes to the way they live. 

It starts from the first moment we come into contact with a service user either directly after sentencing or in prison. The first thing we do is assess someone’s risk of reoffending and their specific rehabilitation needs based on known criminogenic factors (triggers that lead to offending).

Only at this point are we in a position to offer a service user a routeway out of offending – seven of them to be exact. Each routeway focuses on removing the real reasons for reoffending. We call them Outlook, Home, Money, Habit, Future, Support and Health. Working within these routeways, staff and service users collaborate to develop an engagement plan which outlines the steps they need to take to become crime-free - a plan that is theirs to own.

Our staff use a Practitioner Toolkit to support rehabilitation by allowing service users to acquire the understanding and skills needed to become crime-free. We also run a programme of interventions.

For an index and description of sessions in the MSRP Practitioner Toolkit click here.

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