Partnership work

We are contracted by the Ministry of Justice to provide a total package of services to deliver the sentence of a court. We believe this is enhanced by working with a variety of organisations committed to the same goal. Therefore, forging successful partnerships is a crucial element of our business.

Multi-agency working

We work with organisations from the public, private, community and ­voluntary sectors in order to ensure our delivery aligns with local and ­regional priorities in terms of ­reducing ­reoffending and maintaining public safety. This includes co-funding services with local ­statutory partnerships where they support these objectives, as well as participating in ­Criminal Justice Boards along with colleagues from local authorities, police and the ­National Probation Service (NPS).

We also work closely with the police, NPS and other agencies to deliver Integrated ­Offender Management (IOM) services. This requires the co-ordination of effort, activity and shared resources to minimise the likelihood of reoffending for higher-risk service users. 


Improving service user motivation

User VoiceWe work very closely with User Voice an organisation run by ex-service users that exists to reduce reoffending. It champions rehabilitation and a productive form of collaboration between those who use a rehabilitation service and those who provide it. User Voice aims to deliver a powerful rehabilitation experience for service users, better criminal justice services and institutions, and more effective policy.

We've been working with User Voice very successfully for a number of years. This valuable partnership enhances the relationship between service users and their supervisors by encouraging greater involvement and motivation on the part of service users which ultimately reduces reoffending. It also gives us vital feedback which helps to shape the way we do things.