Returning to the community

New laws mean if anyone has been given a custodial sentence of one day or more, they'll need to be supervised in the community for up to 12 months on release. This form of supervision is known as Through the Gate (TTG). Our TTG service is designed to help people settle back into the community and give them rehabilitation support when they've been released so they can turn their lives around.

As with everything we do, TTG is delivered through our approach called My Solution Rehabilitation Programme, which puts the service user at the heart of their own rehabilitation. As such, those we supervise under our Through the Gate service create their own resettlement plans and are responsible for making the changes they need to lead a different life - one that doesn't involve crime. 

Our unique approach

Our Resettlement team is dedicated solely to working with TTG service users. They are based in offices near prisons as opposed to being on prison premises. This unique approach means we remain community-focused and are able to reach in and lead service users out ‘through the gate’, increasing their chances of re-integrating back into society and simultaneously reducing reoffending.

Joining up services

We work closely with prisons to deliver high quality assessments of someone's offending risk and rehabilitation needs, and to produce resettlement plans which detail how these will be addressed. To deliver these plans we work closely with other organisations that provide support while the service user is in custody and once they return to the community. This way we co-ordinate with partner services and can signpost to organisations delivering a specific service, and so avoid duplication and ensure support is complementary and to the benefit of the service user.    

These services are unique to us and are only available to those service users allocated to the Kent, Surrey and Sussex CRC. But we want all service users to have access to the best resettlement support possible, and as such some of our rehabilitation services are available for purchase by other CRCs and the National Probation Service (NPS).