Returning to the community

If anyone has been given a custodial sentence of one day or more, they'll need to be supervised in the community for up to 12 months on release. This form of supervision is known as Through the Gate (TTG). Our TTG service is designed to help people settle back into the community and give them rehabilitation support so they can turn their lives around.

Our resettlement probation service officers work with individuals during their last 12-weeks in prison until the end of their sentence.

They help service users, where they have a resettlement need, to:

• find somewhere to live

• manage their finances and debt

• find a job

• go on training or education courses

• maintain positive relationships

• access health services

• think about their choices in life

• access specialist support services.

Our unique approach

Our resettlement team are based in offices within the prisons as well as in community settings. This unique approach means we provide a seamless transition from custody to the community. We are involved with offenders as early as possible, ensuring we lead them out ‘through the gate’ and increase their chances of re-integrating back into society. We work with them to develop a personal resettlement plan based on their individual needs. This starts in prison to best prepare them for their release.

Joining up services

We work in partnership with other probation providers, the National Probation Service and specialist service providers, such as health services, housing providers, education providers, both in prisons and the community, to ensure there is continuity of services on release. By working together, we help individuals to avoid reoffending and in turn, a return to custody.

To deliver our service, we have appointed 20 additional staff who work solely on TTG.

Our TTG service is provided to resettlement prisons within Kent, Surrey and Sussex, and can be purchased by non-resettlement prisons in these regions too.