Preparing service users for the world of work

We actively work towards preparing our service users for the world of work - ready to add value to a business as a dedicated employee and to the community as a contributing citizen.

People's reasons for offending are wide-ranging, often interrelated and frequently borne out of circumstances beyond their control. These people still have a lot to offer and are often very keen to prove themselves, return to normal society, contribute and feel valued once more. Everybody can change and everyone deserves the chance to demonstrate they have taken responsibility for their actions, have no intention of reoffending, and want to pay back to society.

Employers can lead by example and make this happen.

The power of work

Unemployment and the actions driven by the subsequent lack of finance and loss of self-esteem are often key reasons why people offend in the first place and as such getting work plays a fundamental role in rehabilitation. Click here to find out how one service user overcame a conviction for theft against a high street employer and turned his life around. He is now managing a shop for a charity.

How we can work together

We have substantial experience of preparing people for the workplace. For example, our parent company, Seetec Group, is a prime contractor for the DWP’s Work Programme which includes supporting ‘day-one’ prison leavers to overcome barriers to employment and enter sustainable jobs. In total it supports over 20,000 ex-offenders every year.

We help improve people's employability skills by:

  • job-specific training to give people the skills required in a particular industry
  • basic skills training including numeracy and literacy
  • soft skills training relevant to the workplace including time-management, work etiquette and communication skills
  • work placements to gain valuable experience and demonstrate capability
  • support in developing job search techniques, writing CVs and completing application forms.

This approach helps businesses by providing people who are committed, trained and ready to work.

In addition, we hold regular jobs fairs for employers to meet with service users, match skills and see for themselves what value they can bring. If you're interested in taking part in a job fair, or would simply like to know about the work we do around employment skills, please contact our employment and training specialist Suzanne Purcell at