Delivering the sentence of the court

We have a statutory duty to deliver the sentence of the court. It is designed to both punish the offender and support their rehabilitation. Sentencing options available to the courts - that we will either wholly or partly deliver - are outlined below:

  • Unpaid Work Requirement (known as Community Payback) - supervised unpaid work carried out by service users as part of a restrictive* sentence designed to directly benefit communities
  • Accredited Programme Requirement - structured programmes addressing known reoffending factors such as domestic violence, or attitudes and behaviour linked to anger and aggression
  • Mental Health Treatment Requirement- programmes delivered by specialists in mental health
  • Drug Rehabilitation Requirement - testing and treatment provision for those addicted to drugs
  • Alcohol Treatment Requirement - testing and treatment provision for those addicted to alcohol
  • Attendance Centre Requirement - restrictive* sentence with rehabilitation support delivered at weekends
  • Rehabilitation Activity Requirement - prescribed number of activity days which promote rehabilitation
  • Prohibited Activity Requirement - proscribed activities
  • Exclusion Requirement - proscribed locations

*Restrictive sentences are conditions such as a curfew attached to the court's sentence.