New projects

Alongside our smaller research projects looking at day-to-day issues within probation, we have several larger scale projects which are helping to inform and steer our practice.

Family engagement projectClick to expand / collapse

Exploring the ways families might contribute to reducing reoffending. Gathering views from staff, people on probation and their families, we are looking at how KSS CRC currently engages with families and considering how we can improve this practice in future. Publication date: November 2019

Women's lead project Click to expand / collapse

An evaluation of the effectiveness of KSS CRC's women's strategy and designated probation roles to lead work with women on probation. The evaluation will draw on views and experience of current and retired staff who have a lead role in working with women offenders, their managers and those on probation. The aim is to help probation services to understand more about these designated roles and how to train and recruit staff into them, so they can provide a quality service to women offenders. Publication date: Early 2020


We will announce more new projects at the end of 2019.