Our priorities for the year ahead

Our priorities for the year ahead include the design and implementation of projects to evaluate how the families of people under probation supervision can be better engaged by probation services. We are also evaluating several existing programmes and projects.

Our current projects include:

  • The Family Engagement Project: A longitudinal piece of research exploring the ways in which families might contribute to someone’s journey away from crime to enhance probation practice regarding family involvement. Project commencement – October 2018.

  • The Compulsive and Obsessive Behaviour Programme: The Research Unit is currently formulating an evaluation strategy in order to examine the effectiveness of the programme. The programme is for convicted stalkers and those who display obsessional and compulsive behaviour that creates problems for individuals or the public. The core of the qualitative evaluation research project will be conducted in 2019, resulting in the development and enhancement of this unique offending behavioural programme.