Our approach to working with you

We will support you in your efforts to stop committing crimes. How this happens will be in your engagement or resettlement plan and will be based on the My Solution Rehabilitation Programme (MSRP for short). This programme focuses on a number of key areas that can be a problem and are linked to reoffending. It is designed to challenge attitudes, develop improved behaviour and skills needed for a crime-free life. We will work out what your needs are through an assessment and then agree with you which areas to focus on. These areas are known as routeways out of offending. 

I have a prison sentence

Anyone given a prison sentence on or after 1 February 2015 will be supervised by probation for up to 12 months following release. This is known as ‘Through the Gate’.

A Responsible Officer will be appointed to work with you while you are in prison, to help ease your transition back into the community. They will agree on a resettlement plan with you to help you develop new skills and change the behaviour that led you to offend in the first place.

I have a community order or suspended sentence order

You will be seen in court by a Probation Court Officer. They will explain the terms of your order and arrange your first appointment.

We will work with you to develop a plan to stop committing crime.  

While on probation, you may have to:

For further details of what might be part of your community order or suspended sentence order click here. 

Our agreement to work together- Community Compact

The Community Compact is a high-level agreement or contract between you and your probation supervisor. It sets out what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. Click here for an example of the Community Compact you will be asked to sign at your first appointment with us.

Service User Council – giving service users a voice

We work closely with User Voice to help us get valuable feedback from service users to shape the way we do things. The Service User Council, organised by charity User Voice together with KSS CRC, provides a forum for service users and probation staff to meet and discuss how we can improve what we do.

If you would like to take part in the Service User Council and are currently on probation, talk to your Responsible Officer about completing a referral form. For information about roles with User Voice to support the Service User Council’s work click here.

Next steps to employment

You may be assessed as needing help to find a job. If so, we will support you to find or improve your chances of finding work through training and education.

At Kent, Surrey, Sussex CRC we hold job fairs for employers to meet with service users. If you are interested in information about these events, please speak to your Responsible Officer. Please also discuss with your Responsible Officer, if you need further information about disclosing your convictions to an employer.

You can also develop your skills and job prospects by working as a volunteer. There are some job roles with User Voice that help to support our work to get feedback from service users that help shape the way we deliver services. For further information on these roles click here.

Personal experiences of probation

Find out about other service user's positive experiences of probation. 

  • Peter's story: Peter's confidence and communication skills have improved by giving something back to society.
  • Sue's story: Sue had to make drastic changes in her life. Two years on she is sober and in a paid job thanks to volunteering with our Service User Council.
  • Fred's story: Fred felt his chances of ever getting a job were over when he was caught and subsequently sentenced for a serious drug offence. But volunteering with our Service User Council helped him to regain his confidence and, one year on, to find paid employment.  
  • Jason's story: During his order Jason so impressed while carrying out Community Payback that he’s been taken on as a volunteer.
  • Alex's story: Alex has gone from committing crime to being a key player in the development of work to give other service users a chance to turn their lives around just as he is doing.
  • Arron's story: When Arron was about to reach a milestone birthday, he came to the decision to take the help KSS CRC was offering him on his licence to quit heroin after years of addiction and to embrace a fresh start.
  • Colin's story: Colin continued to volunteer after his unpaid hours came to an end. The opportunity for a one-day paid-role came up and to his delight, Colin got it. Then it was a full-time job and he found himself supervising the unpaid workers sent by his former probation service. 
  • Lee's story: Lee credits CRC for turning around his life after three decades of crime.

If you would like to share your positive story to help inspire others on probation with similar experiences, please get in contact with the Communications team at comms@ksscrc.scc.gsi.gov.uk.

Contact us

If you are a service user and are unable to keep an appointment, you must contact your Responsible Officer at the local office. For contact information click here.

Information we hold about you

We, Kent Surrey & Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company Limited (KSS CRC), are committed to protecting your privacy and promise to collect, process and share your data safely and securely. Our Privacy Notice tells you how we do this and what your rights are.  

If you have a question about the information we hold about you, please ask your Responsible Officer.

You have a right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. If you would like to see your records please write to us with the following information about yourself:

  • Full name and address
  • Date of birth
  • A copy of some photo id (e.g. driving licence, passport)
  • Date of your last contact with probation

You should send your written request to:

Data Protection Officer
3rd Floor Maidstone House 
King Street
ME15 6AW

Or to: dataprotection@ksscrc.scc.gsi.gov.uk

Responding to your request

There will usually be no charge to supply you with the information. We will respond to your request within one month. If your request is very complicated, we may need more time to respond. If you ask for information that comes from another organisation, we may have to contact them before we can share it with you.

We might not be able to give you some parts of your records. This might be because we need to protect personal information about other named people, or in rare situations, to prevent harm to you or others.

If you are not satisfied with the way KSS CRC is handling your records, you have the right to go to the Information Commissioner.