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Season's Greetings from KSS CRC

24 December 2018

On behalf of everyone at KSS CRC, best wishes to you all for the festive season.

Probation in the criminal justice system: The glue that is coming unstuck

19 December 2018

Probation services occupy a unique place in the criminal justice system. As the only agencies to work with offenders from the start of the court process through to the implementation of sentence and termination of statutory supervision, probation has been described as the glue that keeps the system together.

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Interventions Brochure

22 August 2018

Information on the programmes and interventions we offer on our rate card.

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A former drug addict has become a successful paid chef a year after his release from prison.

Experience of volunteer Aron

When I first met John*, he came across as being very shy and quiet. I attended an initial meeting where I met with Johnís Probation Officer and we agreed actions and goals for him to take to help aid his rehabilitation and tackle the issues that have led him to commit the crime in the first place.

The help of volunteer David

I was asked to work with Andrew* to help improve his self-esteem and decision making skills which led to his drug abuse. At our regular meetings, we explored solutions to his issues and obstacles to his future aspirations. Slowly through this work, his perceptions about himself began to change from feelings of guilty and helplessness, to being able to acknowledge his own personal strengths and attributes.