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Community Payback impresses charity with their quality workmanship

4 January 2017

A charity was so impressed by the work of KSS CRCís Community Payback team in helping them to create a memorial garden in Medway for grieving parents who have lost babies during pregnancy or shortly after birth, they have asked them to return and help with their next project.

Community Payback teams worked alongside charity Making Miracles for over 18 months to transform a piece of overgrown land into a special haven for mums and dads. They cut back bushes and vegetation, put up fencing, laid paths, planted flowers, and installed features such as wooden benches and a small boat for children. The team also built a star shaped rotunda - a place where mums and dads who have lost a child can place a pebble in the arms of star, bearing the name of the lost child or simply the date to mark their loss.

The charity asked Anthony Pearson, a KSS CRC Community Payback Supervisor who oversaw the team, to open the garden alongside the charity and Dean of Rochester, to mark the huge contribution Community Payback made to the project.

Sally Howells, Making Miracles Chairwomen, explains: ‘We will always regard Anthony Pearson and the Community Payback team as our partner in developing this special place. We could not have done it without them.’

Community Payback Manager, Jack Budgen, said: ‘Individuals on Community Payback were so heavily invested in this project they worked on evening groups and some even came back to volunteer even though they had completed all their hours. Three of whom attended the ceremony.’

Making Miracles is now looking to set up a workshop where Community Payback teams can create high quality wooden objects the charity can sell to raise funds for their work. The charity says they thought of the idea after being impressed by the Community Payback’s quality workmanship, and in particular the carpentry skills individuals learnt from the Supervisor when they were working at the memorial garden.

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