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Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company responds to Ministry of Justice plans to consult on changes to probation services

27 July 2018

The Ministry of Justice today announced an eight-week consultation on proposals to change the way the National Probation Service and Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) are organised. The Ministry proposes to end the current probation contracts in 2020 – two years ahead of schedule – and bring forward a new competition with new contracts in place and running by the start of 2020.

Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company (KSS CRC) is responsible for low and medium risk offenders in the region. The contract to own and manage the service is currently held by Essex-based Seetec.

Responding to today’s announcement, KSS CRC chief executive Suki Binning, said:

“Today’s announcement gives us some clarity about the likely future direction for probation but does not change our ambition to create the most effective probation service anywhere in the country. Staff numbers have increased in Kent, Surrey and Sussex since we moved to private ownership and our plans for new IT, refurbished buildings, a two-year pay award for colleagues and the appointment of a new chief probation officer announced this week will go ahead.

“Probation has undergone the most significant reforms of my 22-year career in recent years. In Kent, Surrey and Sussex we have come through those changes with independent inspectors assessing us to be “performing well”. In the coming period, my priority is to ensure that our teams can continue to build on this work to focus on supporting the region’s offenders away from crime.

“It is encouraging that the Ministry’s proposals, including on greater professionalisation of probation practice, align closely with our own outlook on improving the service and we shall closely review the consultation and respond in the coming weeks.”

Responsibility for managing low and medium risk offenders in the community was handed to privately owned and managed community rehabilitation companies in February 2015 as part of the Government’s “Transforming Rehabilitation” reform agenda.


Notes to editors

1. The Kent Surrey & Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company Ltd (KSS CRC) works to reduce reoffending and in so doing, improve people’s lives – potential victims as well as perpetrators of crime. We work with people who have been sentenced by a court to either custody or community supervision and who are classed as low to medium risk.

2. KSS CRC is part of the Seetec Group, a private limited company. While the KSS CRC is a separate business in its own right, the management function within Seetec’s Justice Division takes an active role in working with the KSS CRC to deliver probation services in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. For further information, please see http://ksscrc.co.uk

3. The public sector National Probation Service works with high risk offenders.

4. KSS CRC works across Kent, Surrey and Sussex’s 35 council areas through a network of 16 offices and serves a population of more than four million.

5. KSS CRC’s ownership transferred from the Ministry of Justice to privately-owned Seetec Group on 1 February 2015 as part of the Government’s probation reforms in England and Wales.

6. For media and press enquiries, please contact our press office, email  or call 0777 92 51 711


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