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Modern slavery statement

18 October 2017

Seetec Group, of which KSS CRC is a part, opposes slavery or human trafficking in the delivery of our service and fully supports the promotion of ethical and lawful business practices within the workplace.

Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company (KSS CRC) is part of the Seetec Group.

Seetec is committed to developing its social and environmental responsibilities and takes seriously its obligation to eradicate forced labour within the Company and its supply chain partners.  Seetec opposes slavery or human trafficking in the delivery of our service and fully supports the promotion of ethical and lawful business practices within the workplace.

We will have a transparent approach to eliminating modern slavery and will ensure that the company takes appropriate action where necessary.  It is the Company’s intention to promote a modern, enlightened and decent working environment and to safeguard its employees from all forms of abuse.

Seetec will manage its business and work with its supply chain partners to ensure that conduct and standards across all our businesses operate under the same commitment and:

  • adhere to legislation in relation to minimum age requirements, wages and the Working Time Directive.

  • ensure that all employees have the right to work within the UK by conforming to all necessary legal regulations.

  • develop policies and procedures that demonstrate compliance aligned with our social responsibilities, including Codes of Conduct, a vigorous recruitment and selection programme and thorough vetting and compliance process.

Seetec will also conduct random in-house audit inspections across its delivery operations,   and ensure its Supply Chain partners are assessed and evaluated in their compliance with Seetec safeguarding statutory duties, codes of conduct, and business performance standards, including those related to human slavery and trafficking.

Seetec continues in its commitment to providing on-going awareness training to employees regarding the laws and policies relating to human slavery and trafficking.

Latest personal stories


A former drug addict has become a successful paid chef a year after his release from prison.

Experience of volunteer Aron

When I first met John*, he came across as being very shy and quiet. I attended an initial meeting where I met with Johnís Probation Officer and we agreed actions and goals for him to take to help aid his rehabilitation and tackle the issues that have led him to commit the crime in the first place.

The help of volunteer David

I was asked to work with Andrew* to help improve his self-esteem and decision making skills which led to his drug abuse. At our regular meetings, we explored solutions to his issues and obstacles to his future aspirations. Slowly through this work, his perceptions about himself began to change from feelings of guilty and helplessness, to being able to acknowledge his own personal strengths and attributes.

Latest personal stories





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