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New drug and alcohol recovery programme starts this month

5 July 2016

Individuals on probation will receive extra support to reduce their substance misuse with the eventual goal of recovery on our new Accredited Programme, Building Skills for Recovery.

The programme starts in Kent in July and West Sussex in August.

It will help individuals to create their own personal toolkit aimed at reducing their alcohol and/or drug use.

People on the programme will also receive support to improve their employability, health and well-being.

Carl Hall, our Head of Service of Programmes, said: ‘We know many people who commit crimes report that they have consumed alcohol or taken drugs at or around the time they’ve committed an offence. This programme will help us to reduce reoffending by individuals, by giving them support to address their substance misuse while addressing their offending behaviour.’ 

Latest personal stories


A former drug addict has become a successful paid chef a year after his release from prison.

Experience of volunteer Aron

When I first met John*, he came across as being very shy and quiet. I attended an initial meeting where I met with Johnís Probation Officer and we agreed actions and goals for him to take to help aid his rehabilitation and tackle the issues that have led him to commit the crime in the first place.

The help of volunteer David

I was asked to work with Andrew* to help improve his self-esteem and decision making skills which led to his drug abuse. At our regular meetings, we explored solutions to his issues and obstacles to his future aspirations. Slowly through this work, his perceptions about himself began to change from feelings of guilty and helplessness, to being able to acknowledge his own personal strengths and attributes.