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People with disabilities benefit from Payback improvements

13 January 2017

An outdoor riding centre in Dartford, used by people who have a range of disabilities, has been vastly improved with the help of individuals sentenced to Community Payback.

Several of Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company's Community Payback teams organised by Placement Coordinator Roland Hanks, have completed a range of projects to improve the Arrow Riding Centre in Darenth County Park.

Simon Richards and Debbie Crowley, Community Payback Supervisors, have overseen the recent work which has included cutting back hedges, picking up litter, clearing paths and removing ivy which can cause damage to trees and buildings.

The Arrow Riding group allows adults and children to experience a range of riding activities. The group is run by volunteers who provide all kinds of help and support, including physio and occupational therapists.

Richard Pullman, Country Parks Officer for Dartford Borough Council, said:

“The two supervisors have impressed with the quality of their supervision. Under their instruction, the work was completed by individuals on their Community Payback to a very high standard. This is very important to us as the team are working in a conservation area and members of the public expect the work to be carried out with skill and sensitivity.

I hope that they continue to help look after my sites in Dartford.”

Jack Budgen, Community Payback Supervisor for Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company, said:

“The work at the centre is demanding and we are extremely pleased that individuals who are sentenced to payback for their crimes are helping to improve an area which provides a great facility for groups of disabled horse riders.”

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