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Police praise member of staff for reducing crime

12 January 2016

A police superintendent has heaped praise on a member of our staff for her efforts in helping to reduce acquisitive crime.

Sarah Cannon, Probation Officer at our Guildford office, has been working with the police and other agencies to manage some of West Surrey’s most prolific individuals on the Integrated Offender Management (IOM) scheme. This joint work has been key to preventing and detecting crime.

In a letter to Sarah, Police Superintendent Johnny Johncox said: “Once again I find myself writing to you to acknowledge your continued good work and dedication you demonstrate when working alongside our team here at Guildford. Your efforts have led to a number of successes in crime prevention and detection in West Surrey, and undoubtedly have also led to a drop in our serious acquisitive crime.” 

“On two recent occasions your input has enabled us to obtain recalls on some of our most disruptive nominals.”

IOM cases have complex needs and require an intensive approach. It involves joined-up working and excellent communication across a range of agencies such as police, probation, the NHS, DWP, housing, drug agencies and social services.


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