About us

Understanding what works

Our mission is to advance the understanding about what works to reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

This research base will also shape our organisational and management structures, our culture of staff development, and our strong belief in robust risk assessment, risk management and court enforcement.

We do this by:

  • designing, trialling and evaluating new approaches to working with people subject to probation supervision and their families, other agencies and communities.
  • exploring and examining alternative approaches to service user engagement from elsewhere in the UK and around the world.
  • raising awareness of best practice in the supervision and management of service users.
  • sharing research findings.

KSS CRC is the only community rehabilitation company that benefits from a dedicated research unit. By working closely with service users, practitioners, partner agencies and local communities we can uncover emerging trends and ensure that the work we produce has tangible impacts on the frontline. Our research is underpinned by our values. Understanding what works to reduce reoffending and supporting the people we supervise on their journey towards more positive choices is key to our research, as we seek to implement an evidence-based approach to serving local communities and victims of crime.

Latest work