User VoiceKent Surrey and Sussex CRC works closely with User Voice, an organisation run by ex-service users to champion rehabilitation and to shape services. We do this by working together with service users to identify and resolve problems.

There are a number of job roles with User Voice that help to support this work. Please see below for a description of each job role.

If you would like further details or to register your interest in a role please speak with your probation supervisor to complete a referral form. 

Surgery RepresentativeClick to expand

A surgery representative conducts open discussions (surgeries) in Probation waiting areas and surrounding 3rd party agencies, encouraging feedback from service users. User Voice (UV) listens to the views, comments, perceptions, frustrations and general involvement with their Probation Officers and the Kent, Surrey and Sussex CRC. Through the surgeries individuals can highlight any major concerns, observations and attitudes that service users are experiencing. UV reps will offer constructive information on help that may be available (food vouchers, housing, grants etc) Surgery notes are written up by the reps and then given to the Programme Manager. They  will then put the information onto the main UV server. The most prevalent issues are then identified by the council members and these are put forward as proposals on behalf of the wider service user community.

  • This role is suited to those who are able to interact with everyone as they are front line members of the service user council.

Council MemberClick to expand

As a council member you would sit on council meetings every two months, this meeting will be chaired by a member of the Senior Management team of Kent, Surrey and Sussex CRC and other staff members. The meetings are a two way dialogue with all parties listening, participating, identifying and helping to resolve problems which have been identified. Council members (with the support of UV staff) will put forward a proposal (based on feedback gathered in surgeries) that has been raised as a concern/problem by service users. Council members are ultimately providing a solution and there will an open discussion regarding this.

Researcher/MappingClick to expand

Some volunteers support the council by taking part in duties such as mapping other agencies available in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex area. These include agencies and community groups that support service users with homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse, mental health, ex offenders  and domestic abuse (amongst others). This is a vital role within the council as it ensures we are reaching the wider service user community.


  • IT experience

  • Can work alone and on own initiative

Other rolesClick to expand

User Voice in Kent, Surrey and Sussex also require volunteers that are comfortable with approaching other agencies and services in order to establish relationships. We aim to conduct surgeries in a lot of the 3rd party agencies and so this role is a lot more involved and does require a lot of commitment, training and time.


  • Confident approaching other services

  • Comfortable talking to managers and people in charge

  • Good telephone manner