‘I’ve been in and out for years: this time round, I got help with English and Maths courses, CSCS card and PMT card. Pointed me in the right direction, I’m working and doing well.’

‘My Probation Officer has been helpful by pointing me in the right direction to different services. I can open up and talk and get things off my chest. Quite flexible as they work around my job and kids, so that is good.’

‘Very flexible with times and days as I’m homeless.’

‘Probation has put me in touch with the Royal British Legion. I’m ex-army. They quashed my council tax bill. They helped out with my ex-wife with her bills. They have helped me find accommodation and rent and everything.’

‘My Probation Officer, he’s a lad, he’s given me chances. He really cares and says he is here to help me out. I can talk to him and get things out and feel better when I leave here.’

‘Coming here is like going to a counselling session….I don’t want to reoffend again. I’ve learnt how, or am trying to, turn my life around and become a better person…’

‘I have a good relationship with my Probation Officer who is helping me with family and housing problems. I am doing really well. I am focused. I am getting support from probation and with my child, so I am happy with the service really…’

‘I have been on probation all of my life. I think the way it works [now] is better and made me want to engage more, for example they put on evening/day incentives which really help build your confidence as I think this is the reason that I keep getting into trouble and having nothing else to do.’

‘My Probation Officer makes me think a bit more. We talk about some deep stuff, getting things out in the open, which I haven’t done before – it’s all new to me…’